September 25, 2012

You Only Have 20 Hours! – Want To Be In The Spotlight On Wednesday!? Here is your chance… (Mark Hoverson & Vincent Ortega Jr.)


Hey my friends and family,
You are in the right place at the right time if you choose to participate in what I am about to ask you to do.
Not only is this huge for your business, but also a huge step in…”moving in the right direction for your business goals and dreams.
When you saw that subject line, you probably opened up thinking…
“really…I can be in front of a lot of people Wednesday?”
…and the answer is a BIG FAT YES!  If you choose to take action…
So yes, you have a good chance of being featured on Mark and I’s new and FREE Training video on Wednesday!
What I would like for you to do, is share your thoughts on our first video – called “Opportunistic Eyes.”
Then I want you to take action, jump in front of a video camera and tell us everything you have learned from the first video.
I want your message to not only inspire others to be action takers, but also help you move in the direction of your dreams.
Try to make the video under 1 minute if possible.
Then… simply upload your video to YouTube – and send your link directly to my assistant.  => Destiny@HowOnlineBusinessWorks.Com
So here is how it’s “going down…”
The video on Wednesday that I will be releasing is NOT even edited yet.
In fact, I haven’t even shot my intro for the video.  I wanted it to be completely
authentic as to how I am feeling as I am going through this process with all of you….
So the way it will be setup is that, I will reflect on the first video myself,
then “when you take action” – I will show some of you on the main video.
After I show your thoughts, I will then move into Mark’s new and free training called “Capturing The Kings.”
You have a huge opportunity to impress your team, your friends, your family and whoever
else you want, if you take action and get yourself on this video or even on the webpage below the video!
Almost 4,000 people have taken action out of around 10,000 people who have seen this video.
What’s even better odds for you, is that there is a little secret to
“video submissions like this, that only us bigger marketers know.”
The secret is that…
It’s just a numbers game in life, and even though I believe in every single one of you.
I have the wisdom and the knowledge to know that very few of you will even be able to do this…
People have kids, people have family things they will have to do, and so, if you take the time to do this…
Let me give you a good example of the potential you have of your video being featured.
The futuristic marketing launch, the biggest launch of the year, had over 500,000 people or more see the training
and they did something exactly like this!  Guess how many people actually submitted videos out of that many people?
I did… and about 50 other people… THAT’S IT!
You know what my video submissions did for me?
A lot of people saw me for the first time, and a lot of people knew my name for the first time.
I got new clients, I got new customers and I got more respect in this industry because of the videos I created.
I actually created 3 videos for the launch that made me top 25 marketer in the world.
I am only asking you to do one…
So now you see the potential of how easy it’s going to be for you to get featured!
Just because I told you the secret that most people will not do this…
that DOES NOT give you permission to fall in that category family!
I hope you know that if you fall into that category of  “non-action taking” and you don’t have huge pressing things happening today, and don’t do this video submission, then you might as well “check out” of my email list and training now, because that’s not the type of person that I want to be a part of this community.
Sorry for the tough love, but no one is going to make you successful in this life, only you!  God has given you the gifts, but it’s your choice to bring them to the world.  You have it inside of you and I know you can get over any fears you have and do this!  You will not only help yourself, but help other people in this world, by simply sharing the excitement in your voice of what you learned and how video 1 called “Opportunistic Eyes” has impacted your life!
Huge tips for the video…
I want people to “Look the part.” – I want to hear you loud and clear and I want you to have passion.
If you need inspiration, watch my video right before you start speaking in the camera and embody some of the passion that comes through my voice into your life.  You have nothing to lose!  People will be inspired by you, people will love your excitement, GO FOR IT!  I almost wish I could yell through this email haha!
Now please take a note that…
I don’t even want cool graphics, I just want a sincere video about what you learned from video 1 here with tons of passion!
It’s time to take action, King Solomon’s wisdom says a lot about speed, about taking action, about going after what you want in this life.
Is that you?
So watch this video… take notes… jump on a camera and hit record!
I will start editing the video around 5-6 pm tomorrow evening that will be Tuesday the 24th of September.
So I will need your submissions by then if you want to get featured on the main video.
If for some reason they come in after 5-6 pm tomorrow I WILL STILL FEATURE THEM.
I will post them below the video on the same webpage that thousands of people will be watching!
Can’t wait to see your video!
Vincent Ortega Jr.
Remember, send your video link directly to my assistant.  => Destiny@HowOnlineBusinessWorks.Com
Below I will attach all of the emails I have been sending you lately…

This image below was takin’ from my facebook page…
If for whatever reason that image above didn’t come through, here it what the message says that many people are commenting about on my facebook page today…

“Fail, Fail Fail, Annoy People, Make them mad… All you are trying to do is help!  On average, it will take 7 times of contact to get most people to see your vision!  This is what separates the leaders from the followers.  Leaders repeatedly fail over and over again until they become successful.  

Leaders aren’t scared of rejection.  Leaders see the vision and follow through no matter what!  There is no such thing as complaining and whining!  That’s for babies!  If the people you are trying to lead don’t want to grow up… Move on, because I guarentee there are thousands who want to “roll with your vision” and take control of their own destiny!  

Go find them, heck, have them come to you when you utilize the internet and rock your business out loud!”

So here is where that comment came from…
Yesterday I went to eat with a guy named Dan Duffy who owns a Multi-Million dollar real estate marketing company.
They basically market HUGE pieces of land to people with BIG MONEY.  I am talking about billionaires!
People who can drop 500 million without blinking an eye.  People who literally just “play with money!”
The latest piece of property that his company is helping sell is in Gruanacata, Costa Rica.
He actually just left today on a 14 hour journey to go meet with the president of the country and chat about the land.
Yes I said the PRESIDENT of the country!
The selling of the land is an auction – and the price is going to start at 1 billion!
When that land sells he is going to get 6% of that sale.  I think you can do the
calculations to realize how much money he is about to get!  Holy Moses!
but anyways… that’s not what this email is about… it’s about the wisdom I learned from him.
What I want to talk about with you today is that after reading through and fully committing myself to Marks Solomon CEO training – it’s been a wild ride… I say it’s been a wild ride because lately I have been getting blessed with being in the space of several million dollar business owners!
The amazing thing is that after you embody these principles that we are teaching you in this free training series…
Mark’s new training that I will be introducing to you on the next free video that I will bring you on Wednesday, is all about attracting the right people in your life and being able to fully communicate how you feel with them.  Impressing them with your wisdom, knowledge and the way you present yourself to them.
The new free training (that you will only get to see (if you sign up here on this page first,) is called “Capturing The Kings.”
This training is fully responsible for me getting the opportunity to be in peoples space like Mark, Jonathan or even last night like Dan Duffy.
Here is some powerful facts I learned about Dan… and no he wasn’t cocky and said all this stuff,
I naturally brought all of this out of him in our conversation at dinner and then his house afterword.
..oh… and I am not at all saying in a sneaky way… I was just super interested in his business!
Dan has an email list of over 1 million people right now and has about 100,000 pages that are driving traffic to his website!  It’s just crazy!
Because of Mark’s training I feel completely confident talking to High-Level guys like Dan now.
I even convinced Dan that “little ol” me can bring A TON OF VALUE to his list of a million people!
Are you kidding me right now???  How can I even express the excitement through this email!
With what’s happening right now (because of Mark’s training) I know without a “shadow of a doubt” that the “little ol me” is about to
become the “big ol me.”  It’s not even about being cocky or anything like that.  It’s about Leadership skills that I never knew about.
It’s all in the wisdom of Solomon CEO and it just simply brings it out of you!
Dan’s pumped… I am pumped… and it just feels like it’s going to be an amazing ride!
So here is a little secret I learned from Dan as I was getting passionate about my business and community…
I asked him about failure… I asked him how many times did he have to fail before his businesses became successful..???
HE SAID THOUSANDS!  FREAKIN’ THOUSANDS OF TIMES! (sorry about my slang, I am jumping out of my seat right now)
He couldn’t even recall how many times he’s got rejected in his life.  He goes, you know what,  “I could care less!  I don’t care about what people think of me.  I only care about providing for my family and bringing new jobs to this economy.  If someone isn’t on my same page, I move on, because I know there are thousands of other people who need what I have to offer.”
I would say that’s some great advice, considering he has around 1000 people who work for him.
Dan has a HUGE HEART and is constantly looking to grow his business so he can employ more people
and make this economy a better place!
So my message today family is that I hope you are really willing to fail
and not be scared to go after what’s most important to you in this world!
The “followers” of this world are scared to fail
and will go back to working for a boss and someone else’s dreams.
…and I know this because you are here on my email list and part of my community…
I know you want more for your life,
I know you want to better your family situation,
I know you want the best life possible for your kids!
I have heard so many of your stories and I have seen so many of you rise to the occasion with my training!
That’s why I am so excited to create powerful training like this for you,
and bring Multi-Million dollar earners like Mark to our community, to teach us…
“how to get out of our own way”
“how to have opportunistic eyes”
“how to capture the kings”
…how to radically skyrocket our businesses by learning the secrets and wisdom of millionaires!
Remember, you must watch the entire presentation and sign up for our webinar,
if you want to see the next training video on “Capturing The Kings.”
Mark and I have set it up like this for a reason.  We want to find out who the action takers are,
the people who want more for their life, who want more for their business, and the people who
are the visionaries that will allow no one to take their dreams!
You rock!
Vincent Ortega Jr.
Here is what people are saying about the training lately… we would love to see your comment as well!
Here are the last emails below just in case you want to get caught up.
You don’t even need to read them, because its really all about this video anyway…

haha… the acai berry yogurt comment is an “inside joke” from the video.
but on a serious note…
I LOVE getting messages like this… especially after the last 5 days
of basically no sleep putting this together for you.  I worked so
hard to get it done fast because I know that information like this for
my community just can’t wait.  It is literally a game changer!
So there really is no reason to pass up this powerful training!
As you can see in the image below… I also talk about my journey
to San Diego where I won the top 25 marketing contest on the
internet this year and got to chat with several 6 figure earners,
and about 10 Multi-Millionaires!
Oh yeah… and one of them is doing this live webinar for us!
The information I learned on my trip blew me away!
But by far, the best thing I got out of that trip was getting Mark
I can, and I can’t, believe he is doing this for us!
“I believe it” because my entire goal was to go to San Diego and
bring something powerful home for you.  But I can’t believe it
because guys like Mark usually don’t give the “smaller guys”
the time of day unless you pay them thousands of dollars!
Don’t get me wrong… I have found great success online and
creating my own businesses.  But getting people like Mark Hoverson
is so rare, that if you don’t take the opportunity to learn from them,
you are literally passing up FREE GOLD!
I’ll attach the email below that I sent yesterday to everyone just
in case you were busy and missed what is going on…
Make it a powerful day!
Vincent Jr.
PS:  Let me know what you think about the video by commenting
on the bottom of the website when you go here…

Hey my friends and family!
I haven’t slept in the last three days putting this recap video of my Top 25 marketing contest I won together for you, but it will all be worth it – because your life and business is about to change forever – just like mine did in the last two weeks!
Check this out…
So on my top 25 trip to San Diego… “I still can’t believe this.”
I connected with Mark Hoverson and got him to do a live webinar for us, to share his 8-figure Multi-Million dollar wisdom!
He was a broke, trailer living, youth pastor that could barely feed his family to now earning over 6 figures a month, changing peoples lives and has earned over 8-figures in the last 5 years!
I promise if you get your team members to watch this training, they will absolutely impress you with their results!  If you are a leader and you embody these principles you will be able to guide your team into a place that you never knew was possible!
If you remember, Mark Hoverson was half of the 2.7 million dollar futuristic launch, that was the biggest marketing launch of the year and that I won the contest for….
What’s cool about this training we are bringing you is…
I promise if you get your team members to watch this training, they will absolutely impress you with their results!  If you are a leader and you embody these principles, you will be able to guide your team into a place that you never knew was possible!
Another very neat things is…
You won’t believe that it has to do with King Solomon from the bible!  How awesome is that???
The training is called Solomon CEO and he uses the ancient codes of King Solomon to radically change mindsets and businesses.  This is exactly what he has used and embodied to grow his business to well over 10,000,000 dollars!
Mark has allowed me to give away FREE his training because of how passionate I was about helping you, my community. During our convo’s at Jonathan Budd’s mastermind for the top 25 contest I won, I never stopped talking about you with Mark.
I built a great relationship with Mark and most importantly a friendship… and it naturally just progressed into him being willing to help all of us out.
I tell you all about Mark’s story on this video that you are about to watch, but basically, 4 years ago he was a youth pastor, living in a trailer, who could barely feed his family!
Now he makes over 6 figures a month, impacts thousands of peoples lives and credits his business success to King Solomon’s wisdom from the bible.
Mark’s Solomon CEO training, has literally changed my life, so I know its powerful beyond your wildest dreams and he’s even allowed me to give away his training for free!
Mark thinks so much deeper than any other leader that you have ever seen or heard, I promise you that!  I don’t even know how this guy has so much wisdom, but it’s definitely a gift!
I can’t wait to see you on the webinar!
Vincent Ortega Jr.

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