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How Going After The “Internet Lifestyle” Allowed Me To Start Living The Entrepreneur “Dream Life” At Only 28 Years Old – By Vincent Ortega Jr.

From A Failing Business, To Generating Over 7-Figures Online In This Last Year, And Capturing The Entrepreneur Dream Life? A lot of people want to know… “Why should I listen to this 28 year old kid?” So I end up having to tell┬ámy numbers by letting people know I have generated over 7-figures online over [...]

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You Are On Stage (Everyone is clapping for You)

I remember standing on this stage (in this picture attached to this blog post) a couple years ago like it was yesterday, it was before I created a 7-figure business, and it was before I had an email list in the hundreds of thousands. I was no different than you are right now, I was [...]

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How To Overcome Your Life’s Problems & Capture Your Dream Lifestyle!

In this video… you are going to download the wisdom that separates… The leaders from the followers… The extraordinary from the ordinary… The people with amazing lifestyles from the people who scrape by… The rich from the poor… And so on and so forth… If you want to capture the lifestyle of your dreams… Then [...]

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Want People To Beg You To Join Your Business? Then Watch This…

In this video, you are going to see how you should never have to “sell” someone on why they should join you… And when you do this right… People will actually beg you to join your business and hope to get a spot on your team! Because here is the deal… If you have to [...]

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How To Leverage BILLION$ Of Dollars For Your Own Personal Gain.

In todays Minute with Mark from Cabo San Lucas… Mark shows you how he has leveraged other peoples money, (billions of dollars) – for his own personal gain, and exactly what has made him an 8-figure earner so fast. *It’s also the reason the people Mark has mentored, have become the quickest 6 and 7 [...]

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The Order Of Your Priorities Will Give You A Rich Lifestyle Or A Poor Lifestyle… If You Want A Rich Lifestyle, And Want To Learn From My “Poor” Mistakes I Made In The Past… Read On…

Your order of priority is everything when it comes to actually “funding” the lifestyle you want. If there is something really important, and you put it off, or you side track… You are choosing to lose the lifestyle you want right then and there with your thoughts, on the spot. It’s a tough concept to [...]

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